Agency Adoption

What about a lawyer for the birth mother?

One of the differences between hiring Shorstein & Kelly as a law firm and hiring an adoption agency is that Shorstein & Kelly only represents adoptive parents. Adoption agencies say that they represent everyone who participates in the adoption plan. … Continue reading

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Adoption Agency vs. Adoption Attorney – a birth mother perspective

When a birth mother first requests information about developing an adoption plan, she often asks about the differences between working with an adoption attorney or an adoption agency. After talking with hundreds of birth mothers who have experienced working with … Continue reading

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Birth Mothers! Do you wonder what your grown child will think?

This article was written by an Adoptee who was placed for adoption by Shorstein and Kelly in 1993.  At that time most adoptions were semi-closed, meaning that if birth parents received post placement communication, it was minimal.  After recently meeting … Continue reading

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What is a Board Certified Adoption Attorney in the state of Florida?

Adoption Experts! The certification of adoption attorneys allows the public to differentiate lawyers proficient in the area of adoption law from attorneys who do not understand the unique complexities of the adoption statute. Board Certified Adoption Attorneys in Florida are … Continue reading

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What is the difference between Open and Closed Adoptions?

Open Adoptions Defined: An open adoption is one in which the birth mother and the adoptive parents know each other and agree to continuing contact, in some manner, following placement of the child. Benefits of choosing an open adoption with … Continue reading

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